Doctor BABOR
High-tech skin analysis
A computer-aided skin analysis with the BABOR Derma Visualizer. The high-resolution camera with 80x zoom measures the number and depth of wrinkles, shows the fat content, visualizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and analyses the pore size and thus your evenness. In addition, the number, size and change of skin anomalies are documented and the skin moisture is measured. Get to know your skin in detail with our analysis camera and discover your personal beauty potential, because only those who know their skin in detail can optimally care for and protect it. - approx. 30min.
30 Min
€ 38,00
High-tech skin analysis in combination with a facial treatment
*This offer is only valid in combination with a facial treatment. If you buy skin care products after the treatment, the amount of the skin analysis will be deducted. - approx. 20min.
20 Min
€ 24,00
Upgrade - Ultrasound
*This offer is only available as an upgrade to a facial treatment. A pleasant, deeply effective and highly efficient micromassage with immediate effect and lastingly improved skin structure. - For a finer, smoother and noticeably younger complexion. - approx. 15 min.
15 Min
€ 24,00
A power peeling for a soft, fine and even skin appearance. Skin impurities are reduced, lines and wrinkles are reduced, pigmentation spots are lightened and the healthy skin barrier is restored - the regeneration processes in the skin are noticeably stimulated by very precise but gentle removal of the upper skin cells. - For a visibly clearer and purer complexion. - approx. 45min.
45 Min
€ 72,00
Microdermabrasion & ultrasound
- approx. 60min.
60 Min
€ 86,00
Microdermabrasion, ultrasound & collagen fleece
- approx. 75min.
75 Min
€ 92,00